Wednesday, July 20, 2011

MasterChef: 10 Chefs Compete

Gordon Ramsey yelled
Eggs Benedict were runny
Oh, so THAT’S your mom!

Ten chefs are left on Master Chef and the stakes have never been higher – just kidding. The stakes are the same as they’ve been the whole time on this show. Now I love cooking shows but don’t care much for Gordon Ramsey’s and Fox’s way of doing them – too much yelling, too many hot heads, too much fire as a decoration, and way too much voiceover.  I only started watching this show this season because a co-worker suggested. Once I started I was happy to see Graham Elliot (didn’t there used to be a Bowles in there?) since I recognized him from other chef shows so I decided to give it a shot.

Since there are only 10 chefs left Tracy actually gets to talk on the show (for awhile I thought she was equivalent to a seat filler for chefs on the show)! She and Giuseppe were team leaders as they cooked for the three judges mothers. Now HOLD THE PHONE! I am an idiot. I think the real truth is that I actually never paid attention the asshole judge’s last name but I had zero idea that cooking goddess Lidia Bastianich was his mother. Now everything made sense. This guy could be an asshole (or pretend to be one on tv) because his mother’s name gave him reign. In real life he is very accomplished but based on this show I am not a fan.

Read about what happened next after the JUMP!

 The teams cooked the following foods: carrot soup (meh), salad (meh), a Turbo dish (which apparently stinks really bad but neck tattoo guy made it delicious), carbonara with GASP! dried pasta, poached pairs and apple pie.

Tracy’s team won the challenge which meant the remaining contestants were left to the pressure test of cooking Eggs Benedict. This proved to be a challenge for Alejandra (overcooked), Giuseppe (way undercooked) and Derrick (everything wrong) who were the bottom three with Giuseppe being the one sent home. It really seemed that everyone liked this guy. The judges hugged him and he even kissed Ramsey on the cheek which I don’t see many people getting the opportunity to do. 

Right now my favorite chefs are Ben Starr cause of the hats and Christine because of the cursing. My least favorite by far is Christian – the guy  with the neck tattoo and bad attitude, but that can all change on next week’s MasterChef!


  1. Giuseppe seemed like a nice guy. I too live Ben's hats. Suzy is annoying.

  2. suzy IS annoying. Based on next week's commercials though she is gonna get knocked down!