Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Breaking Bad: Episode 4.1

Welcome back, meth friends
Heisenberg - you were sure missed
Gus is fucking nuts.

Breaking Bad was back with a bang - well more like a box cutter - this weekend. We left off with Jesse possibly shooting Gale - because if you get rid of the one other guy who has the Colonel's secret meth making recipe then there is no way he can kill you. Right, Walt? Maybe not.

I think the shit hit the fan (or filled Walt's pants) when Victor - full of ego - put on that mask and started cooking. "Hey look - you aren't the only ones who know what you're doing - I even remembered the aluminum!"

Then here comes Gus. Seriously crazy, meticulous (if a shirt is coming off at my house it gets thrown somewhere - he took his jacket off for 2 murderous minutes and it got a hanger!) Gus. He is not only amazing at frying chicken, but awesome at slitting people's throats. That scene was the second most gruesome scene (first season's bathtub scene is tops for me) on this series so far and yet I want more.

Throw in some stuff about Skylar getting bold and nosy, Jesse growing up in the mere matter of minutes, and two Kenny Rogers shirts and you have a great season premier. I am excited for this season - mostly because I think the effects of the shooting are going to wreck havoc on Jesse which means more stellar acting from Aaron Paul. I am looking forward to it.

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