Sunday, July 24, 2011

Keeping up the Kardashians

Let's talk about sex
Younger Kardashian kids
Skin problems plague Kim

I got sucked into Keeping up with the Kardashians during a lazy Sunday marathon (same thing happened with CSI:NY, Criminal Minds and, most embarrassingly, The Real Housewives of New York) and have continued to watch. It's not something I think will consistently recap, but I did just want to talk about how much I love Khloe Kardashian and Bruce Jenner's relationship. I love that he always calls her first - Kendall is on birth control! Kris wants to change her last name! - and they talk like real people. I know this is supposed to be reality tv and a lot of this could possibly be scripted but I admire the relationship they have developed.

This week's episode had one adorable storyline: Bruce finds out his 15 year old is on birth control so he and Khloe talk to the younger girls about sex. It was sweet and hilarious (the reaction to Khloe saying a vasectomy meant that Bruce's balls had been cut off) and I am glad this conversation got aired. Kim's storyline - that she has psoriasis - was odd. She seemed to be blaming her mom that she had it because of genetics. I kinda started to feel bad for her. If your job is basically selling your body, and your body is covered in red splotches it could deserve a reaction like she has in the episode. My mom would've either 1)slapped me or 2) laughed and said to get over myself.

Next week: Kris pees a lot! Seriously, why do I watch this show???


  1. Duuuude. I didn't get blaming Kris thing either, but I was telling someone this morning that I would have flipped out more than Kim. lol. I'm so drama!

  2. She just seemed sooo hurt by it. Like if Kris did it to her on purpose. It reminded me of "i want an oompa loompa NOW daddy!" for some odd reason.

  3. Did you notice the commercial for psoriasis mid-show.....I was waiting for Kim to do a psoriasis PSA after...."For pennies a day you can help a celebrity suffering from psoriasis....."

  4. hahaha i DID see that commercial. good for her to bring light to something many people suffer from she was just insufferable while doing it!

  5. Maybe Kim can be the new spokesperson for Blue Star Ointment "Stops itching fast: jock-itch, ringworm, psoriasis, and removes corns and callouses!"