Sunday, September 23, 2012

Emmy Awards 2012

Jimmy Kimmel. Meh. I think it was hard to live up to Jimmy Fallon.

I will say that months ago I was right:

Aaron Paul really is the best crier on tv. Amazing and well deserved.

I really enjoy Homeland. Claire Danes was a well deserved winner. I do not think Damian Lewis should have won over Bryan Cranston nor do I think Homeland should've won over season 4 of Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad's season 4 was still the best season of tv I've experiences. I will preface that by saying I have not see The Wire (there goes my credibility for anything). I did want Bill Hader to win cause I love him. I did also want Luther or Sherlock to win in the acting/supporting actor categories to win (Hatfields/McCoys was boring as f). I loved the whole Julia/Amy sketch and the John Stewart bit. I love fun stuff.

What was your biggest disappointment/joy? Least favorite/Most favorite moment?

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[p.s. I've made my dad watch the first two seasons of breaking bad over the last few months. this weekend we watched the first half of season 2 - up to "One Minute" - where Hank encounters the cousins. He said "wow" at the end. That's the most emotion my dad has shown to a tv show in probably 30 years. yeah science, yeah mr. white, yeah breaking bad.]

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  1. Here I am! Ok, yes BB season 4 was one of the most best seasons of any show I've ever watched. No way Cranston doesn't get the gold for lead actor. I was suprised that Kelsey Grammer wasn't nominated after winning the Golden Globe for Boss or at least in the category of writing. Back to the show though. Never watched Homeland so I can't say anything about Claire winning but good for my old high school crush, lol. I loved that Julie Louis-Dreyfus won for Veep. Sad that Michael J. Fox didn't win for his appearance in Curb, that was funny! I was also sad Larry David didn't win. Of course that Costner won, big name actor in that was boring, I didn't watch more than 20 minutes of it. Back to BB, it was a great win for Aaron Paul but I'll say I wanted Gus to get the win. Didn't care for all the wins for Modern Family. Kimmel was ok, not Jimmy for sure. Anytime Tracy Morgan is there, I'm laughing. LOL, your dad's reaction is great, nice.