Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gossip Girl: The Princess Dowry

I don’t understand
Why CeeCee’s memorial
Wasn’t disco themed

As usual on Gossip Girl, the drama revolves around one of their weekly galas, balls, hotel parties or dinners, but this week, it centered around an equally lively wake. That’s right. A wake. There are twists and turns and lots of lace at the wake of the loved and hated CeeCee.  Here are some of my thoughts:

  • Nate looks much better in a suit than in just a plain white t-shirt. Which is strange cause I usually love a man in a white tee.

  • Chuck comes in and explains where the coffee is to Nate: “It’s in the top draaaaaawl” He means drawer but says it in a drawl that makes it sound like drawl. Make sense?
  • Dan, starting his official wooing of Blair, invites her to have waffles. Leighton Meester has so much chemistry with EVERYONE that her rain check on the waffle makes me mini-swoon. I’d actually like to see her date a waffle on the show – she’d make it work. They'd be called Blaffle.
  • Email in Georgina’s inbox from one Erika Goldlarb: “I think Kim Ass [?] and David Yoon walked into Kenmare with a tank of kerosene. WTF? I’m keeping [sic] look out. I’ll keep you posted. “ Erika – a tank of kerosene? At that point you call the cops. Other note about Georgina’s inbox – she had an email from someone named Henry Yoon. Lots of Yoons on the upper east side.
  • Georgina is sad that she’s a stay at home mom. Awwww. Poor Georgina. I will say if she uses some of her day to put on her perfectly applied liner, she should be more proud of her time usage. Eyeliner was flawless.

  • I didn’t realize that the new it outfit for wakes were lace and intricate tights. For me [Dan] the in look is to let an almost inappropriate amount of chest hair show.  Also note that for once, Serena realized this was not the time nor place for her boobs. Here's a good look at just some of the judgement faces thrown at the wake:

  • Festive flute playing. Noted. Later, a Cranberries’ song was playing. Also noted.
  • Lola seems to be as dumb as Ivy portrayed her to be. Turns out you are a good actress, Ivy.
  • Buzzed Lily is great. She eye rolls Ivy and during the reading of the will is sitting there as if it takes effort to stay upright.
  • Rufus is way too invested in the will reading. Is it actually surprising to anyone that CeeCee left a bunch of stuff to fake Ivy?
  • Jealous Chuck is more interesting than happy Chuck. I wonder if he’s still going to be sleeping with Alessandra or if they can finally get rid of that character (prob not since she’s sort of important to Dan’s storyline). I like that when he confronts Dan he throws out the comment about Dan never really being his friend. That was sad. Then I remembered when Chuck dated Reyna they talked about their loneliness growing up, then she ditched him for Nate. Sigh. Get Chuck a hot girlfriend stat.
  • Poor Blair gets all sorts of dumped on in this episode.
  • There’s a actual party wake going on outside, and yet they don’t close the door when they are about to hear the reading of the will. Cause eavesdropping never happens on the UES.
  • I loved that Georgina walked around this wake the entire time and not one person tries to kick her out.

  • Things in CeeCee’s will: horses,  Faberge Eggs, Early British watercolors.
  • Ivy argues that she “tried to tell you she was sick!” – that’s false. She lied about the illness at the Studio 54 party.
  • When Serena was lying around so sullen on her bed, I thought, “shouldn’t she be blogging about this?” For real, what happened to her blog?
  • Biggest reveal of the night is that William is Lola’s dad which makes her Serena’s cousin and half-sister. Second biggest shocking moment of the night is that he wears a pinkie ring. Sigh.
The episode ended with Rufus and Lily being kicked out of their – nope, Ivy’s – apartment, Chuck essentially getting dumped by Blair, and Blair running off to Dan for some making out while Georgia jetted off to Morocco to try and get Blair the annulment.  

Gossip Girl will not be new again until April 2, and I look forward to the episode where Dan and Blair have a bad bedroom experience.  As my friend Lil explained to me, it's gotta be because she's been stuck doing pervert Chuck and necrophiliac Louis. 

What did you think of the episode? PS: I copied and pasted this from another document and that's why there's a weird white background. I can fix it but I'm too lazy :) xoxo


  1. I've noticed the eyeliner lately. It's like they 1) got a new makeup artist; or 2) the makeup artist learned about liquid liner and winged liner in the same week. I wish they'd get a new hair girl.

    I like Ivy better than Lola.

    I think Rufus was hoping he'd get something so he didn't have to use Lily's money to buy her a present from Cartier.

    I agree that Chuck needs a hot girlfriend stat. And none of these stupid Eva(h) girls. Someone who is hot and no strings attached. Or strings, whatever. But he needs to buck up in the manly department. He's lonelier than Lonely Boy.

    I love that Georgina walks around the wake the entire time with amazing timing to hear conversations or to add her two (evil) cents. Love her character.

    I have never (in real life) known anyone to do a reading of the will. There's a lot more legal mumbojumbo that's in there.

    OMG, I missed the pinkie ring!! Dangit.

    Ivy kicking out Rufily was AWESOME. This is why I like Ivy better than Lola.

    I'll repeat my IM to you from the other day: DAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I like that Georgina gathers favors from people to cash in on later. She should form a posse with Valerie Malone. They would be terrifying.

  2. When Chuck said, "It’s in the top draaaaaawl", I had a flashback to the blooper reel where Ed Westwick's accent creeps into whatever he's saying. Wondered why they didn't catch this one.

    "Lola seems to be as dumb as Ivy portrayed her to be. Turns out you are a good actress, Ivy." - awesome.

    Reading of the will: Is that a UES protocol to have a doctor read a will? Don't these people have lawyers?

    At the end of the ep weren't you waiting for Rufus and Lily to walk in on Blair and Dan kissing?