Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gossip Girl: The Jewel of Denial

Nate gets a plot line
Chuck, you are NOT the father
Dan takes ownership

Once again I was out on a Monday night so just caught up with Gossip Girl. This week the gang reunited at the Jenny Packham show (minus Serena?!), Blair found out the paternity of her baby despite stalling as long as possible, Dan took ownership of his book, Lily was released from house arrest, Charlie returned to NYC, Chuck got a dog and Nate realized what his job entailed.

Dan really was in good friend mode this week even as he tried to stop the release of his book. Despite his feelings for Blair, he was supportive and encouraging as she tried to ignore the paternity results that were delivered. He decided that the one thing that could help Chuck's non-feeling ways would be to get him a dog (where did this idea come from? Oh, Dan.) Finally, he came around to claiming ownership of his book - Inside - after his old mentor fake stole it. Authors and their humor. Sigh.

Nate, who looked extra hot in this episode, reported to his first day working under Diana.
More sex? C'mon!
And working under her was exactly what he did. When he finally complained that he was just there for sex, he said he could easily call the Senator and get an internship there. Like the Senator didn't want him for the exact same thing. Poor pretty Nate. Diana decided to get him involved in work and by work she meant instigating some drama. At the Jenny Packham party, he broke up a couple and then stole everyone's phone so that Diana could look through them and get juicy scoop. He was nice enough to put Dan and Blair's phones aside (I thought that was super nice), but at the end of the day is left with Ivy's. How long til he gets bored and starts investigating the mysterious Ivy?

Serena did nothing but wear a giant necklace and a messy ponytail. Oh, she pressured Charlie to stay in New York like a crazy person would do. Take a hint, Serena!

Chuck was still not feeling anything and was in shock when Dan brought him a dog. He got the dog fixed which to me seems very anti-Chuck Bass and after Blair informed him that the baby wasn't his, he cried in bed with Monkey the dog. I have two questions about Chuck (and really almost all the characters) 1) do they ever take off their shoes indoors or at least take off their jackets and ties? They are so formal indoors. 2) Why does Chuck make his O face when crying?

Blair spent the entire episode avoiding reading her paternity results. Turns out the baby is Louis's. Blah. That poor child will be bland. I can't believe they are headed in this direction. The one thing that may save this story line is that no one else actually saw the results of the test and Blair was shown hiding them. She could have been hiding them for the sole purpose that if Louis saw them he'd know she cheated on him or that (and I only hope this for drama) that Chuck is the actual father.

Charlie/Ivy realized that she didn't have to be pushed out of her role as Charlie; she had just as much information to blackmail Carol to going along with the plan. How stupid is this girl? She just now realized this?

I had a couple of favorite looks of the week. I liked Lily's polka dot dress, Nate in a suit and Chuck's purple tie and green shirt combo, but I have to give the award to Blair's Jenny Packham dress. I loved it. I was pissed when the next scene had her back in her plain dress with her hair back in disarray. Seriously, did they fire the hairstylist on this show? What is going on with everyone's hair?

Not the best pic but you get the idea.

Worst look of the week: Rufus's tight pants. Rufus, you are over 40. Stop now.

The line of the night - and kudos to the writers for this one - were three words I never thought I would hear on Gossip Girl: "Nate - that's brilliant." 

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