Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Top Chef Just Desserts: Showpiece

Make a fairy tale
themed dessert and a showpiece
So we can eat it.

Welcome back to the crazy world of desserts! This won't be a full recap but here are some quick thoughts on tonight's Season 2 premier of Top Chef Just Desserts.

  • I do not know enough pastry/dessert terminology despite the fact that I love desserts. I had to google: Feuilletineile flottante, and bomboloni.
  •  Apparently you can call a raw vegetable a carpaccio - as with Melissa and Vanarin's Quick Fire dish that had "shattered banana carpaccio." Tomorrow for breakfast I will thinly slice an apple and have apple carpaccio.
  • I never thought i would think, "that sounds good" after hearing the words: pickled cherries.
  • Do not present a dish saying, "tonight we did a little bit of Elvis dying....and going to heaven." Too long of a pause!
  • Black and pink chef's coats are gorgeous.
  • Craig has such an annoying voice - but I kind of want to hug him.
  • Orlando looks like someone and I can't quite place it. 
  • Chris also looks like someone. I'm convinced it's a mix of Bob from the Biggest Loser and the scary meth head actor from last Sunday's Breaking Bad:

  • I'm very excited to see so many minorities on this show! Yay!
  • I can watch shots of people mixing melted chocolate for hours.
  • Dessert show pieces are amazing: they are not only beautiful, but they are edible. 
  • There was a lady wearing a knock off of Kate Hudson's Golden Globe gown!
  • Gail in her red riding hood reminded me too much of Eyes Wide Shut. As did all the masks.
  • I love Hubert Keller in a totally inappropriate way.
  • Vanarin wants to "capture the essence of woods in your mouth." This after he talked about how beautiful Gail looked and how Johnny's eyes looked deep into his soul. Dirty bird.
  • Some one said, "smile with your eyes!" as the losing teams went to the face the judges. Doesn't she know it's SMIZE?

  • Johnny looks like he grew up in between seasons. I give two thumbs up for the new hairstyle and updated wardrobe.
  • Poor Lina. I agree with her that Melissa threw her under the bus.
  • The rest of the season looks super dramatic which I look forward to. Desserts + Drama [on TV] = Good times. 
What do you think of the cast of Top Chef Just Desserts? Any early predictions? Do you think Lina should have been sent home? Isn't Hubert handsome?


  1. Does Gail say "Please pack your pastry bags and tips and go?"

  2. She says: your souffle, sou-fell. Please pack your measuring cups and go.

    Actually I don't remember what she says. I'll have to pay attention next week.