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MasterChef: 4 Chefs Compete

Cook for more judges;
the ulitimate pressure test
lemon meringue pie!

It's already time for MasterChef's two part finale! There are only 4 chefs left: Suzy, who is dreaming of owning her own food truck; Christian, who has struggled to stay clean and get custody of his son; Adrien, who wants to shine through and got a hair cut; and Jennifer who compares this to the last sprint of a marathon 5k. I think the weakest at this point is Suzy, but I don't think a single person other than the producers (drama!) want Christian in the finale

The judges say that this time, things will be different - don't they always say that? They are bringing the contest to them. They have invited three MasterChef judges from around the world to come and yell about their food.

They are put into two teams of two and must make one dish - 6 portions - to serve all the judges. Suzy, as the winner of the last challenge, gets to pick the teams. No one wants to be paired with her except Christian who doesn't care who he is paired with because he thinks he is just the best. That leaves Adrien and Jennifer paired together. Suzy explains her choice by saying Adrien has really messed up in the past and Jennifer is just around because she has a pretty smile. Meow!

The teams have 90 minutes to create their dishes. Jennifer and Adrien decide to draw from their home coasts and do a lobster/spot prawn dish. Suzy and Christian can't decide what to do. She wants to do an upscale Thanksgiving dish - he laughs at her but gives in because of course, they are amazing chefs and can do anything. Plus, if it's terrible, he came blame her.

Christian begins to get annoyed with Suzy but he ruins his corn sauce which in turn makes Suzy annoyed with him. Annoyance all around. The other team though is working in perfect harmony and Gordon Ramsay takes notice.

The international judges are: Sebastian Demorand, a French food critic, Mical Ansky, a food writer from Israel, and Kunal Kapoor, a current nominee for chef of the year in India. They all look fancy.

Suzy and Christian's are the first to present to the judges. They present a seared duck breast, roasted sweet potatoes, caramelized fennel with a raspberry coulis.

Kunal loves Suzy's last minute sauce but Mical hated it, she does however like the monster potato mash. Joe continues to be an ass and calls their dish disrespectful. Christian then speaks up and says he is embarrassed by the dish and Joe jumps all over that. He can taste the animosity in the dish. Gordon is ashamed. Christian and Suzy exchange words in the waiting area. It's relatively tame and nothing compared to the snippet I saw of Hell's Kitchen before this.

Adrien and Jennifer's dish sounds amazing: spot water prawns over a blood orange, roasted red pepper, chipotle infusec coulis with an avacado corn and lobster base.

But it's not. Mical says it's all mushy and the sauce tasted like a watered down ketchup. The prawns weren't cleaned. Gordon does acknowledge that they had good team work. Time to deliberate.

Find out who makes it through to tomorrow's finale JUMP!

The Blue Team (Adrien and Jennifer win)! They are ecstatic that they both have now made it to the top three.
I'm so excited!

Christian and Suzy are left to compete against one another in pressure challenge which of course is the ULTIMATE. PRESSURE. TEST. OF. ALL. TIME.

To stir the pot, Ramsay asks who the two safe chefs think will be going home. Adrien thinks it will be Suzy, Jennifer thinks [wishes] it will be Christian. They bet $100 bucks on their choices, spit on their palms and shake on it then go upstairs to watch.

The pressure chef is to make a lemon meringue pie. Suzy is confident since she's "the pastry girl" here and all I can think about is Julia Roberts pulling out condoms and telling Richard Gere, "I'm a safety girl" Weird, I know. So is Suzy's skirt/shirt which looks like a sad tutu.

Christian says he's making his with finesse and love. Gordon asks why he has so much baggage. Joe tastes Suzy's lemon curd and makes an ugly face. Then again, it might just be his face.

Joe and Gordon think Christian is going to take it. Graham has faith in Pastry Suzy. Then the best line of the night happens. Suzy says she should be MasterChef because she, "doesn't have an ego." What?! Since when? This chick's head is so far up her own ass it makes me seriously wonder what she puts in her hair to make it so shiny. Ugh. I can't decide who I want to go home. Christian is gross but Suzy is nuts. Can they send both of them home and bring back Ben Starr?
I miss you.
Suzy's pie is not visually appealing, is lacking meringue, has an uneven crust but has an amazing lemon curd flavor. Christian's pie looks upscale, but once they cut into it they realize his meringue has broken and has a weird texture. The judges deliberate. Christian extends his hand to shake Suzy's. "Good luck Suzy, you're gonna lose-y." His insults aren't even clever.

Suzy gets sent home. I'm kinda surprised. They said her pie tasted better, but the truth probably is that she doesn't bring the drama like Christian does. She gets a very nice goodbye from all the judges. They put her on the spot and ask who is gonna win. Just like Ben Starr, she declares that Adrien will be the winner. I hope so, too. I guess we'll just have to wait until tomorrow to see who is crowned the next MasterChef!

Do you agree with the final three? Did you feel like it was a waste of time to bring in those three judges for only two crappy dishes? Who do you think will win?

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  1. Suzy's meringue looks like 9 tiny toasted boobs.
    I miss Ben Starr too.
    I don't know if Adrien will be the winner. I don't root for him. At. All. (Although I don't dislike him either.) I'd rather Jennifer win. And not because of her smile. #SuzyIsStupid.
    I was concerned Adrien's haircut was going to lead to bad things like Ben Starr's missing hat.
    Christian is gross. There is nothing attractive about him. Not his looks, personality, nothing. He *can't* win, right?
    Hell's Kitchen was FULL of drama. There was something I was going to text you about, but I thought it was too late with your early-morning boot camp. Of course now I can't remember what it was.
    Okay, this is long now, bye!