Monday, August 15, 2011

Breaking Bad: Shotgun

Drunken lips sink ships
as Walt makes a big mistake -
Hank's back in the game

We left off last week with Walt in a panic because Jesse was missing. This week we start out with him still in a panic, driving recklessly around the streets of Arizona in his Aztek and not wearing a seatbelt. C'mon Walt - click it or ticket!

He's on the phone with Saul. Make sure Sklyar gets all the money - however you make it happen, make it happen. He calls and leaves Skylar a message, "I love you." Then pulls out a gun an places it on the passenger seat. All this while driving. I can barely change the radio station while driving. I guess meth dealing helps you multitask.

He pulls up to Los Pollos Hermanos. This is the only fried chicken place I've ever heard of that serves breakfast. He's offered a breakfast chicken chalupa meal. I'm confused. Does it have eggs? He demands to see Gus. He's not here, the cashier says. His car is there so Walter says he'll wait. He stares her down and she retreats to the back. At this point, Walt notices the cameras. Customer service girl walks around gossiping, "esta senor muy loco!" we actually can't hear what she says, but I think it's probably close to that.

One amazing thing about Breaking Bad is their use of quiet - there's never a rush for dialogue or background music. They just let it be. Walt sits in fear and paranoia as he waits in LPH. Then his phone vibrates. It's Mike. He informs him Jesse is with him and Jesse gets on the phone. Jesse has no idea where they are going and doesn't seem to care. Mike tells Walt to get back to the lab. He darts to the back of the restaurant - health code violation, at least he doesn't have hair - and sees that Gus's office really is empty.

Mike is totally Gina.
Back to Thelma and Louise. Jesse and Mike really are in the middle of nowhere. To prove that, they show a windmill. My main concern is not if Mike is going to kill Jesse, but if he filled up his gas tank before heading out. Walking in the desert would be a bitch.
Mike stops the car (near the windmill - remember, middle of nowhere), gets a shovel out of the truck and pulls something from the ground that he's buried. It's money. He throws it in the trunk and gets back into the car. There's 6 more stops they have to hit up before dark.

Find out what Hank is up to and how Walt fares alone in the lab after the JUMP!

Hank is still investigating Gale's journal. They thought they had Heisenberg, but turns out they had the wrong guy. Gale is Heisenberg they deduce. They want to know who took him out. One of the two suspects Hank can come up with is none other than Jesse Pinkman. But then he says something interesting. "Do you see Pinkman as the shooter?" his boss asks. "That would surprise me," Hank responds. They have a sketch of Victor who was seen at the scene. Now that Victor no longer has a face, I don't know how that will help the investigation. Hank then says that the finding of Heisenberg feels like closure. He's done-zo.

Mike is still off picking up his hidden money. Jesse wants to smoke but Mike won't let him. That plus coughing blood earlier in the season makes me go hmmm. Then there's a really cool sped up scene of the two guys on their journey. Jesse gets bored. Mike gets annoyed.

Jesse thinks he knows what's going on. He wants answers, "Am I the guy?". Mike pulls over. Jesse is NOT the guy. He is a guy, just not THE guy. He's like the 24 losers on the Bachelorette. Mike says he doesn't have the capability to be the guy. He used to have a guy but remember what happened to him?

Back at the lab Walt struggles more out of frustration than ability. He's late to meet Skylar to get all the car wash paperwork signed. It's a big step, but it's official. Walt is confident they will be fine. They make promises that there are no more secrets between them. Walt says he's all for that. He's really become a great liar. They decide to toast their new purchase and Skylar finally hears his message. "I love you," it says. That leads to immediate sex. Duh. Like my friends always say: dirty car wash buying meth dealing sex is the best. Good job Whites, it's about time.

In their sexual recovery they talk about fabric softener and Skyler's new hair cut. It's cute. Walt rarely gets to have a light moment nowadays, you know, with his fear of being murdered by Gus constantly weighing on him, so I'm glad he got laid.

Walt Jr shows up and is grossed out, like any teenager would be, when he realizes his parents just did it. Skylar panics about what he'll think and mentions Walt moving back in. He's saved by the bell watch and heads back to work.

Even though he should be relaxed after getting some lovin', Walt is on edge back at the lab. He finally breaks when he realizes how bad of a forklift operator he is, yells out his frustrations to the cameras watching him and  declares no more work will be done if he can't have Jesse back. He goes to take try to take a nap (I'm sure he's just thinking, but I bet a nap would've helped) until a door opens. It's mystery hermano! He is visibly sick of this bullshit and hops on the forklift like a pro and starts helping.

Bitch, please.
At Mike and Jesse's last stop, Mike un-mikelike leaves the keys in the ignition. This is good for Jesse because suddenly he sees a figure coming towards him with a shotgun. He kicks the car into reverse and takes off, leaving Mike stranded. Soon we see Mike safe, walking down the road calling for a ride. Jesse comes back to pick up Mike. Jesse is full of life at this point - he saved them! Mike finally lets Jesse smoke. Nothing like a good death scare to create male bonding.

Walt and Walt Jr talk about how cool it is that he's back and moving in next Tuesday. Hmmm, Walt didn't know about that. He heads back to the lab and sees Jesse has returned. He tells Walt that he went joy riding to make pick-ups with Mike and protected him. "You guarded Mike? What is this, some kind of a joke?" Jesse tells Walt to get in gear. He has plans to meet up with Mike after work. Like a date? Nah, he's got two jobs now. No, Dirty, not hand jobs. And while I do think Mike has a secret, I don't think it's this.

but starring Jesse.
Mike meets up with Gus - who we haven't seen that much lately - and they talk about how the plan went. The shotgun drama was all part of a plan to make Jesse feel like a hero. Ah, so this is how Jesse gets his groove back. I somehow feel Mike isn't ok with it.

Dinner at Hank's is going well. Chit chat about the car wash and Walt downs wine like a Real Housewife of New York. Walt Jr brings up the case of singing crazy guy and Skylar inquires about it. Gale was a 5-star James Beard award meth cooker.  Walt drunkenly speaks up about what he saw in that journal - that guy wasn't a genius - there was no reasoning, no deduction. He was just coping the information. The genius you are looking for is still out there. Hank gets a boner at this information and is instantly back on the case. Walt is an idiot. He had NO idea how close he was to being in the clear. Then....MY DVR CUT OUT! ARG! Hank was saying something about how Gale ate all organic food -there's gotta be some evidence of something not right.

Someone please tell me what happens! I know I can read the recap (last week's was a really good analysis - check it out) but someone tell me asap!

It always amazes me how much happens in one episode of Breaking Bad. With the news of next season being it's last I was a little sad while watching and writing this recap. The one very positive thing I can see out of having an end date is that Vince Gilligan will be able to write a satisfying ending. What did you think of the episode? Were you happy for Walt that he got laid or are you sad it was with Skylar? How awkward of a conversation must it be when your teenage son has to have the morning after talk with you? Is wine more of an enemy thank Gus? Is Los Pollos Hermanos chicken as good as Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken? Why am I convinced Walt should take more naps?


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  2. I'm definitely happy about Walt getting laid. Also I think that Walt took a Don Draper style nap. "Dirty car wash buying meth dealing sex." Didn't that happen in Ally McBeal too?

    What drove him to run his mouth about "the genius" was seeing Walt Jr. drink coffee out of the "Beneke" mug. He needed to assert some dominance, and clearly the wine wasn't helping him make good decisions.

    I'm now inspired to to make a breakfast chicken chalupa meal