Monday, August 15, 2011

Keeping up with the Kardashians: Talk to My Agent

Kim has Sears stage fright
Scott hijacks Kris's business
They hug it out

Khloe, Kourtney and Kim have an event at Sears to promote their new Kardashian Kollection. When Kim hears that there is a group of about 150 executives there to ask questions, she starts to panic. Once on stage she can't get a word out and Khole jokes about it. Stage fright sucks but you wouldn't think the star of a sex tape, multiple commercials and a reality tv show would have it. Kim does.

Since this whole episode seems to be about Kim's insecurities and shyness, there is then a focus on Kim's "Prince Incident." Turns out she was invited on stage during a Prince concert, wouldn't dance and Prince kicked her off stage:

Poor poor Kim. If I were here, I'd go hide in my room and roll around in my millions. That would probably make me feel a little better.

Kendall and Kylie visit Scott and Kourtney at home and let it slip that Kris left Kendall at a photo shoot for 12 hours. Scott mentions that Kris spends all her time making money off of Kim when she really should be focusing on the younger daughters. They hatch a plan to lie to Kris and tell her that they've decided to let Scott manage them. This won't be pretty.

Kim and Kourtney visit Ryan Seacrest's show and he grills Kim on her relationship with Boy Kris and with her on stage embarrassment over her Prince incident. We are reminded that she sucked on Dancing with the Stars. She states: "I'm never gonna dance again." Guilty feet have got no rhythm, Kim.

Kylie and Kendall decide to break the fake news to Kris after she's had one glass of wine. The best part of the joke is that Bruce is all about it. He thinks it is the most wonderful idea ever. Kris runs to a phone to call Scott and ask what the hell is going on. As she's away from the table, they fill in Bruce on the joke and he says, with fear in his eyes, "What's funny about making mom mad?" I'm surprised Bruce didn't hide under the table.

Find out how all their problems are solved before the 30 minutes ends - after the JUMP!

Kris barges into Kourtney's house and begins screaming at Scott like a crazy animal. He finally tells her that it's a joke and she gets pissed and starts insulting Scott. Look at him tanning in his bright yellow shirt in them middle of the day! Didn't you see the stapled stacks of paper he was reading? It had to be business right? It was probably the comics. Or pictures of himself.

Kim takes a secret hip hop class and everyone there is dressed in clothes that I don't think anyone would ever wear to a real dance class. Kim is sooooo uncomfortable and I feel uncomfortable as I watch. She ends up running out of class. I feel more bad for her now that I did when she acted like a brat about her psoriasis. She gets together with Prince's ex-wife, Mayte, who gives her a motherly talk about confidence. It was nice.

Scott and Kourtney talk about he and her mom's relationship and I notice they have crazy bathroom wallpaper. They have a really good conversation about what to do and Kourtney recommends that the two of them talk. Despite her valley girl tone, she is many times the voice of reason.

Scott heads over the Kris's to talk to her about what happened. They have a very open conversation and they both apologize to one another and hug it out.

The family goes to dinner at a local Armenian restaurant [one of my favorite things about this family is that they take the time to have family dinners] where they all end up participating in some belly dancing, including Kim! Who finally loosens up enough to have a good time and shake her ass.

What did you think about the episode? Did you suffer through Kim's dancing on DWTS? Why do I like Scott so much?

Next week the family visits Bora Bora, Kim cries while soaking wet and Kris consults about a face lift.

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