Thursday, August 18, 2011

Project Runway: All About Nina

Scary ass challenge:
Today you will design for-
Nina Garcia

As usual we begin with a brief check in at the Atlas apartments, where the ladies are talking about the fallen Fallene - why she left and what they can do to avoid that. Cecilia,who looks sleepy, says she is ready to bring it. In the boys' apartment, Bryce is also ready to bring it. Based on the last two weeks' designs, I am not quite sure he knows what "it" is.

Heidi scares the crap out of everyone when she announces they are designing for someone who knows a lot about fashion: Nina Garcia. Becky is terrified because she is "alternative" and Nina is more "classic." They need to create an outfit for Nina that she can wear during the day and out in the evening. She's looking for classic - with an edge.

Probably not as on the edge as Lady Gaga. She asks for streamlined, tailored clothing with no volume or loud patterns.

The winner will get an ad that will run on taxi cabs! Wha? That's all? I'd want to win a taxi cab. But they won't.

They are given 30 minutes to sketch and then will each get a chance to consult with Nina. Each person is kinda freaked out about Nina's lame style. They are all crazy designers who want outrageous things like - color. Except Oliver who, as mentioned before, likes drab shades of white. Speaking of Oliver where is he? I haven't seen him once yet this episode. He's probably in the corner eating yogurt.

Nina hates everything! "Cowl" gets a scowl, "Mini dress" gets an ewww, all of Danielle's outfit gets changed by Nina's strong suggestions. Julie is going to make a coat - her genre, so she's happy. Kimberly doesn't want to make pants because that's what she's ended up making, so she suggests a dress, Nina says, "You make me pants!" Kimberly abides.

Cecilia is over thinking it and has way too much going on with her Dynasty-esqe design, which causes her to stress out. At this point I am wondering: is Nina really this picky or is she being this difficult on purpose?

Tim time! He says Nina does not want a boring runway of only grey clothes. Shucks. I was looking forward to that, especially because it meant we might see Oliver. At Mood, we find out Becky and Anthony Ryan find out they have purchased the same fabric! Drama will surely come of this, right? Cecilia is so distraught at the cost of the fabric she wants that her body gives out and she takes a nap:

Julie and Cecilia start to bond. Bronze Josh and Anya have also bonded. Then Bronze Josh goes to chat with Anthony Ryan. He's quite the gossip. I like it.

Find out just how mean Nina can be when she visits the workroom after the JUMP!

Nina shows up and the music from Jaws plays. Nina begins her rounds and the designers put in their two cents about everyone elses' designs. Anya thinks Danielle's looks is a little is everything compared to her sweatshirt:

Nina crushes Danielle: "How about this?" "NO!" "What about these?"  "NO!" "Can I have a hug?" "NO! NO! NO!" She also scares Anya who got a patterned fabric and has no Plan B. She calls Oliver's design old fashioned, is scared for Bert, says Lauren's outfit is too Christmas, pity's Cecilia's sad outfit, and agrees when Kimberly says her outfit is like a blue prison jumper.

After making everyone cry inside, Nina shares some good news: the winner will also get a taxi cab have thier look featured in an editorial in Marie Claire magazine. This makes Bronze Josh happy:
Back in the workroom Bronze Josh and Anthony Ryan convince Anya to dye her material which she doesn't know how to do. Anthony Ryan uses this time away to use the HP computers to talk to his fiancee who is ecstatic about gay marriage being legal in New York now. It is adorable. I kinda tear up.

During the model fittings Bert calls Danielle's outfit old and frumpy looking. He would know.

Everyone is still sewing when Tim comes in and he gets so nervous that he is sweating through his suit. I didn't think Tim Gunn sweated. He glistens. They once again miraculously all make it to the runway after most direct the L'oreal make up artists to make their models look like Nina. Julie gets a hand from Cecilia and Laura helps out Anya. Both of these moves get side eyes from Viktor and snarky (yet funny) comments from Bronze Josh.

Runway time! Today's guest judges are Editor in Chief and Tilda Swinton look-a-like Joanna Coles,

actress Kerry Washington and the regular old judges [P.S. congrats on your wedding, Michael Kors!]

Runway time!

The judges' top three looks: Viktor, Kimberly, and Anya
My favorite three looks: Viktor, Kimberly, and Becky

The judges' bottom three: Cecilia, Danielle, and Julie
My least favorite designs: Cecilia, Anya, and Bryce

Kimberly wins and gets immunity for the next week's challenge. I'm happy for her. She also gets to go see Nina at work wearing her design and it's at this time I realize just how tiny Nina is! Didn't she just have a baby?

Julie ends up going home. After struggling, it was her turn. Back in the waiting area, Cecilia says she feels bad because she wouldn't have minded going home. I personally think Cecilia's outfit was waaaaay worse than Julie's.

It is a tie for line of the night. First is Cecilia's "I need to fix my model's nipples." Next is Bert's "I think Oliver stands a chance." Funny cause Oliver was RIGHT NEXT TO HIM! Bland I tell you! But his chameleon abilities allow him to remain hidden when travelling around killing people.

Next week this happens when they force Oliver to wear a vibrant color:

Do you think the right designer was sent home? What were your favorite looks of the night? Are you as obsessed with Oliver as I am?


  1. I turned to my wife and said "Anything is dull compared to Anya's hoodie." I'm glad you got a shot of that. I think they didn't show a lot of Oliver because they didn't have enough money for subtitling this week.

    Does everyone understand that Oliver is so bland that he was literally within two inches of Bert, yet Bert didn't realize he was there?

    I'm disappointed we will have to see Cecilia drowse her way through another episode.

  2. I think they should use the "OMG, we have the same fabric" idea as a challenge. Everyone is given a distinct print and they all have to try to make it look the best (and of course different from everyone else's).

    I don't like Cecilia.

  3. Jacquel - i think that is a fabulous idea - except Oliver would have to dye the fabric beige/grey/taupe.

    Cecilia reminds me of this girl i grew up with - like a lot.

    Anya is starting to bug me for a reason I cannot figure out. I think just cause i know about her booty tape and cause i think she is lying about her sewing background

  4. Does anyone know where I can buy Anya's rainbow hoodie (photo included in this blog). I love it!! Thanks! :)