Monday, August 8, 2011

Breaking Bad: Bullet Points

Walt sees the notebook
Mike has an ear-y moment
Jesse is taken

Breaking Bad usually has a pretty bad ass opening scene that sets up the tone of the episode. This week’s episode, Bullet Points, was no exception.

Mike’s traveling along in a Los Pollo Hermano’s refrigerated truck. From inside the truck, we hear it come to a stop, some arguing and finally a gunshot. Instantly, the truck is riddled with bullet holes. We see two men outside wait one second and then open the truck. There is no way anyone inside could have survived the barrage of bullets. Little did they know that the person inside was Mike, who of course survived and instantly kills both men. For an old dude, he’s kind of a bad ass. He walks out of the truck, into the middle of the desert in his snow gear, pulls off his hat and exposes the one chink in his armor – a bloody ear. The cartel is back.

Back at Casa Blanca it’s 3:01am and Skyler can’t sleep. She grabs a notebook and starts writing. They need a story. They attend a Gamblers Anonymous meeting to do some research. Walt takes this opportunity to nap.

Not this Kelly or this principal.
Skyler is convinced that Walt needs to be able to prove his blackjack skills. Using a mathematical principle, “The Kelly Criterion,” Walt tries to win at cards. This principle fails. So they turn their efforts to Sklyer’s “Confessions to Hank” script. 

As uptight as Sklyer is being she wins me over a little when Walt says he looks like the bad guy in all this. “I’m just the bitch mom who wouldn’t cut you any slack.” I actually feel sorry for her. It’s true. Her son and her family don’t know about the drugs. They already think she’s kind of a bitch (I mean they have to, right?). Now she just looks worse. This also touches Walt and he softens towards her. Again, I love where their relationship is going. They love each other but hate each other as business partners. Bryan Cranston’s sheer exasperation during this scene is as wonderful as his acting during the more intense material he is given.

The entire White crew heads over to Hank and Marie’s and Hank continues to be an asshole. Marie tells him to show them his rocks. MINERALS! Even I know not to call them rocks, Marie.

Find out what they discover in Hanks bedroom (it's not Cheetos) after the Jump!

Walt geeks out when explaining the minerals and how they get their colors. All this time Hank just thought they were pretty. Then the moment I have been waiting for [only since last week] happens. Hank gets the Gale’s file and hands Walt a video tape. It’s Gale – rocking out on Major Tom. This is Albequerque’s Public Enemy Number 1. Walt shits his pants. But that’s ok – there’s a bed pan near.

Oh, crap.

Walt is visibly shaken during Skyler’s telling of the scripted story. It ends up working in their favor. He excuses himself to go to the restroom but instead runs to view the items in Gale’s file. Hank comes looking for him and states he knows it’s hard to talk about. Hank says he’s always there to talk to. It’s obvious to us he wants someone to talk to about what he’s going through, but not to Walt. He finally offers to lend an ear [something Mike can't do] to Hank too – about cases, not his current personal issues. How insensitive!

Hank starts to discuss Gale’s file with Walt. Walt finds out that Hank thinks Gale is Heisenberg. Walt is in awe at everything in Gale’s notebook (including vegan s’more recipes and composting tips). Everything that’s been kept secret is now in the hands of the authority.

Shit. The notebook says: To W. W. My star, my perfect silence. Who is W.W? “…..Walter White?” Hank asks. “You got me.” I’m uncomfortable.

Walter finds a passage from Walt Whitman in the notebook. Phew, let’s blame Walt Whitman. How long until it takes Hank to realize that Walt Whitman wrote Leaves of Grass and would much more likely be the idol of Nancy Botwin from Weeds than a meth cooker?

Hank is pissed he wasn’t able to catch him. He wanted to be Popeye Doyle. Walt reminds him that in the French Connection, [spoiler alert] Popeye never caught his man. Walt reminds Hank that he can’t walk and should really be idolizing Popeye the Sailor Man at this point in time. That didn’t happen but I think everyone thought it.

Walt immediately runs to Jesse’s place which at this point looks like one of the circles of hell. Jesse and his friends have not spent enough time on the Faces of Meth website ( to realize that bad hairstyle decisions are a side effect of methamphetamine use. Walt informs newly bald Jesse that Gale’s murder is being investigated. Jesse is convinced the prints at the scene are not his because Hank would’ve already had him arrested. Walt starts taking Jesse through the murder and Jesse begins to freak out.  The one thing Jesse’s been avoiding since it happened is the one thing Walt wants to know all the details about. Jesse kicks Walt out:

Walt turns to Saul for advice. Jesse is right – the cops would already have him in custody. Walt is worried: Gus wants to kill him, Jesse has hobos living at his house, Mike has dead eyes. The business aspects of this endeavor have been far passed and now everyone is in danger. He’s most worried about Jesse and what Gus might do to him.

Saul can help Walt disappear. He knows someone, “The Disappearer,” (which will probably be a show on Fox next season) who can hide Walt and his loved ones – but that would be an end game, a last resort. Saul does not however know 1) a good hairstylist or 2) a decent toupee maker. Disappearing means there is no coming back. Ever.  

On his way to work, Jesse leaves some cash behind with one hobo so that there’s pizza when he gets home. I hope he left enough for the pizza that comes sliced. We see he keeps large amounts of cash at home- easily accessible. In the lab Walt notices that the cameras are following Jesse wherever he goes. Someone is physically behind those cameras. Jesse returns to his brothel and his money is missing. This honeybadger doesn’t give a shit.

Mike wakes Jesse up. He kicked everyone out except for one guy who is tied up and blindfolded on his living room floor. He’s the dude who stole Jeese’s money. Jesse says thanks and doesn’t seem moved in any way whatsoever. Mike wants to know if Jesse cares what’s gonna happen next. “You’re gonna kill him. This is the part where I’m supposed to beg you not to do it,” but he won’t beg. He knows that they won’t kill that guy. He’s blindfolded. What would’ve been the point of hiding his face if he was going to be dead in 10 minutes anyway? Jesse’s getting smarter – and ballsy.

Mike goes to Gus to express his worries about Jesse’s behavior. Something has to be done. Jesse doesn’t show up to work and Walt rushes over. He’s not answering his calls or opening the door. He finds an open window, crawls inside and realizes Jesse is gone. We see that he’s with Mike driving far far away without a care as to where he’s going.

Back at the lab he confronts whoever is watching him through the camera: Where is he?
Everything is unraveling and I like it!

I loved the intensity of this episode. I am convinced Mike has some secret he’s holding on to. Where do you think Mike is taking Jesse? How does the cartel know about Los Pollo Hermanos? Is Skyler growing on you like she is to me? Can you rock out to Major Tom like Gale?


  1. Highlights: Mike lending an ear, don't call them rocks, and Walt shitting his pants (but there is a bed pan near). Awesome.

    I prefer to rock out to Life On Mars

  2. Jesse *is* getting smarter. I like it.